Teaching Techie Skills & Strategies to VAs

Transform your VA into a Digital Marketing Powerhouse  ... aka your Unicorn


Send your *highly-talented* teammate through my comprehensive Unicorn VA program to learn the fundamentals + strategies + tactics of online marketing and load them up with coveted tech skills all to help YOU on the backend of your online business.

The Unicorn VA Crash Course

Online entrepreneurs' first hire should be a virtual teammate who "gets it" and can implement

I talk to many business owners (course creators, ecommerce shop owners, business coaches and online entrepreneurs) who are scared to make their first hire. They know they need to grow a team and need help (like yesterday) delegating key tasks in their business. They usually don't know where to start because they need such a mix of skillsets, masteries, tech knowledge and admin help.


What they really need is the right person:

Someone who has the knowledge and wherewithal.

Someone who has the drive.

Someone who has the confidence.

Someone who has high-flier attitude.

Someone who figures things out.

Someone who loves challenges.

Someone who is the IMPLEMENTOR of all the things.


Enter: the coveted and highly-sought-after Unicorn Virtual Assistant.

Unicorn VAs DO EXIST

Small business owners are looking for unicorn virtual assistants who can help them grow and manage their business in the online space. These owners just need extra help from a dependable VA they can trust, who can be resourceful, who can get things done and who has the business knowledge and tech skills.

I can teach you the marketing tech skills and tactics in my VA Crash Course.

I'm the only one in the online world who trains students with a breadth of online business understanding and with tech tools in their pocket. (If unicorns had pockets)

- Emily Reagan, Founder, Instructor, Digital Media Freelancer & VA who actually does the work for clients going on 10+ years

Three otherworldy ways to sharpen your unicorn skills:

the Gif & Sticker Making Workshop

be the super star digital media VA by designing your own gifs to add magic to your clients' social media posts and emails. 

This is a 1-hour recorded workshop that shows you all the steps to create gifs and stickers from videos, photos and graphics. You'll learn how to get verified sticker channel and how to add every type of gif to your clients Instagram stories. This personalized branding service is hot demand right now for every course creator, influencer, blogger and online entrepreneur. Only $17.99

Buy Now for $17.99

the Quickstart to Facebook Community Management

for go-getters who want to get their foot in the online door

A 2-hour workshop course that produces Facebook Community Managers who can implement digital marketing strategies, tactics and tech skills inside online business owners' Facebook Groups. This is a self-paced program designed to teach a virtual assistant everything they need to know about structuring, managing, and engaging a Facebook Group - whether free or paid. Only $197.

If you're an online business owner, skip training your community hire and give them the digital media skills you wish they knew already.


Buy Now for $197

The Digital Media VA Crash Course

for go-getters who are serious about working online for business owners, courses creators & influencers 

{Currently Open}

My signature course: the only all-comprehensive training program that produces "Unicorn" Digital Media Virtual Assistants who understand and can implement digital marketing strategies, tactics and tech skills for an online business owner. This is a 5-week self-paced program with a private community group.

Enroll Now

The Digital Marketing Workgroup

for working virtual assistants, service providers and freelancers

This is a close-knit community built and curated for the service provider who already has the skills and needs help building a network, getting client work, gaining clarity on services and booking out. We have monthly trainings, regular updates, virtual happy hours and LOTS of job leads!


Apply Now

Online Business Strategies

Learn the principles of how online business owners are making money (revenue streams, scaling and email list building) and how the team comes into play.


How to help your clients get found online and have their sites and social media optimized for search engines. 

Website Basics

Small business owners need tech-savvy assistants who can perform basic website updates, prepare and publish blogs, designing landing pages and understand search engine optimization.

Social Media

An effective VA knows how, what and when to publish social media content. It is KEY to helping a small business grow their online audience and make money.


How to help clients grow their brand and following through Pinterest, using Tailwind as the go-to scheduling platform.

Email Marketing

Building and maintaining customer relationships via email newsletters is a MUST for every organization and business. And there's so much more to the strategy than designing a pretty newsletter.

Affiliate Marketing

How to help clients earn passive revenue from recommendations and product referrals. Tips & tricks, plus the legal must-knows to keep it on the up and up.

Webinar Support

Get up to speed on live webinar support and best practices in order to assist for online course creators and membership site owners. 


We've opened Digital Media VA Crash Course for those who want to use this downtime during the Coronavirus shutdown to learn and get into the digital playing field.


Who makes a good virtual assistant?

Stay-at-home moms, military spouses, working teachers and second-career seekers. This is a position for an administrative assistant who would like to shift into digital marketing and social media tasks. It's also a perfect role for someone who has specialized skill that can be highly marketable when combined with digital marketing knowledge.

This unicorn virtual position, whether full-time or part-time, is perfect for someone who:

  • Likes social media, computers & new tech
  • Loves learning
  • Loves helping people
  • Can write and spell
  • Is a quick learner
  • Is resourceful & smart
  • Is self-driven
  • Is proactive
  • Love challenges
  • Has a background in any of these areas: graphic design, writing, social media management, photography, journalism, public relations, communication, marketing, video, administrative support, bookkeeping, business or project management


Is this you? Are you a unicorn?

If you fit any of the points above, then I can teach you the digital marketing skills that are in high demand so that you can work remotely.

I know the perfect person to be my Unicorn VA!

If you're a business owner and you already have a go-getter on your team, then you are a step ahead. It makes total sense to invest in the person you have and sponsor them through this course. I'll teach her and turn her into your very own unicorn virtual assistant.

Send my team member through the digital media VA training course

Get Started in your own Digital Media Side Hustle

I'm sharing my list of digital marketing-related tasks that online business owners are outsourcing and always asking for my help. This a goldmine of services you could be offering to your clients!

Start your VA services using my insider knowledge

If you want to get a jumpstart as a digital media virtual assistant, here is a list of the things I get paid to do for my own clients. It's a free resource to help you get started.


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