Hey there,

What do you want to know?

I started on this journey as a total jill-of-all trades. Saying YES to in-house work with clients and getting my learn on at every opportunity.

I'm a former Public Relations/Communications Director (with an MBA) turned stay at home mom of 4 /military wife so I love to do PR work and LOVE to share my knowledge! 

What began as scheduling a few pins a week for one client and helping another with Facebook and media opportunities has grown into a whole team of VAs helping many clients! 

I was so much more than a virtual assistant.

I helped my client with high-level online marketing tasks and strategies, plus admin help where needed. It was rewarding and a job that I could take with me every time we had a military move / PCS.

I booked out fast and hated turning small business owner clients away.

I realized I needed an army of VAs to help keep up with all the requests for work I was receiving; and that's when I decided to start the Digital Media Virtual Assistant Crash Course. I wanted to share what I've learned in the past 15+ years to other talented, smart, over-educated and under-employed women... specially other military spouses, stay-at-home moms and work-from-home wannabes.

Let's Connect

Although I'm used to being behind the scenes and helping my clients with their social media, I have them too: 

IG @emilyreaganpr

FB Community: The Digital Media VA Lab

Podcast: Unicorns Unite


Let's Dive Deeper

Do you love to nerd out on all things digital marketing? I do too! So check out my weekly blog with marketing insight and advice for online business owners and other digital media virtual assistants and I have a FREE video training series to see if you like this kind of digital media-marketing work.


The Quick Start

Now is the time to get up to speed and start working online. There's plenty of work in the online space. I can help you know where to get started with my free list of my 10 most-requested tasks from my clients. Download my list here and get started on offering digital services.


Hire One (or more) of my Unicorn VA Students

Visit to fill out my form. We'll share your job opp in my workgroup and you could have 3-4 VAs reach out to you about your opening. Pay attention to the thank-you screen after you've filled out your job for extra goodies and details about what's next. 

The Digital Media VA Lab

A free Facebook community for virtual assistants, service providers and freelancers, to learn, network and connect with biz owners. Each we have a FB live with a freelancer to help you take shortcuts and get clients faster!

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Learn about 10 different tasks you could become an expert at, and offer as digital media services to your clients. These are totally in-demand and exactly what I offered to my clients, especially at the beginning of my biz. 

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Unicorns Podcast

Listen up: for the digital curious smart go-getters who want to transition their talents online, the VAs who realize they want to be more than just an administrative assistant, service provider who is having a hard time niching down. 

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