Learn how to get your freelance side hustle going and land your first clients quickly so you can generate new income in less time than it takes to set up your Christmas decorations.



Dipping into savings to pay the credit card bill?

Delaying your dream vacation (or insert lifestyle goal here) because you don't have the funds?

Feeling nervous about your career's future in this female job recession? 

Wanting to get out of your 9-5 but not having a solid exit strategy?

Saying you're going to start a side hustle but not moving forward with ALL THE THINGS  because you're overwhelmed? 


Introducing the


Freelance Biz Kickstarter

A self-paced DIY course designed to help talented, highly skilled go-getters turn their skills into an extra income stream.

The course will help a new freelancer set up their business and sign clients quickly... all while looking like a seasoned pro to the outside world.


You do NOT need a long-winded, laborious, business-focused 12-week VA program if you're truly a go-getter and already have the hard skills.

If you know what you want, take fast action, and love grabbing shortcuts from someone who's done it before then you're in the right place. 

My number one question from wanna-be freelancers is 

"How do I get started?"

This 2-hour course has the answer!


I am so grateful I found your course! It's proved to be the backbone of my business. I keep coming back to the foundation I learned from you on how to navigate and promote my skills in the online space. I just reached my first $5K month!

—Julie Fletcher

Buying your course was scary but sometimes you have to take risks. I'm thankful because my biggest problem was knowing a little of everything and not knowing how to market my skill set. 

Brittany Gardner

Emily your Freelance Quick Starter course was great! I love your enthusiasm, encouragement, techniques, and practical step by steps. This was just what I needed after finishing a long online digital marketing course. I was left looking for support and a practical path forward. I'm thankful and grateful I found you.

 —Susan Zapata

You had extra money coming in from a new revenue stream outside of your current 9-5.


You could use the hard skills from your last full-time job to help clients in the online space while working from the comfort of your own home.


You knew exactly where to find your next client and create an online presence and network that brings client leads to you. #NoClientChasing


You created an attention-grabbing portfolio that attracts and impresses your dream clients and has them drooling to work with you BEFORE your official discovery call.


You knew exactly how to run a discovery call that has client prospects saying YES they want to work with you.


You had total confidence in your proposal process from bidding to taking on client work.


You could start your new freelance business running on the up-and-up without second guessing if you're set up right or fearing a giant tax bill at the end of the year.

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I'm one of the OG freelancers in this online gig economy. I took on my first freelance clients in 2007 when I used my public relations skills to make extra money outside of my full-time job. After my husband's military career forced me to quit my dream Communications Director position, I never went back to the 9-5.

My freelance business blew up ... and gave me the all perks of flexibility and freedom that working from home brings. 

Since then I've worked with Jennifer Allwood, Tracey Bellion, Miss Mustard Seed, Wendy Batten, Sage Polaris, Rachel Mazza, Megan Yelaney, and over 86 other clients.

I learned a thing or two over the last decade of freelancing... and made tons of mistakes that helped me learn even more. #GrowthMindset.

I'm not here to teach you the in-demand hard skills that will make up your business services and packages. (I have a signature course and membership workgroup for that.) 

I want to help women like you get started quickly.

  • Professional Women in a 9-5 with corporate experience and skills who can make a successful side hustle and extra job security, and provide an exit strategy to full-time freelancing.
  • Stay-at-home moms who haven't worked in a while but still have real-world skills, past job experience and education that can be tailored to online skills. 
  • Military spouses who have the adaptability and work history but struggle with underemployment because of their chaotic resume.

Here's the thing, if you're a self-starter and a go-getter you don't need a 5k business coach to encourage you to do the thing or a 1k program to teach you business principles. You already know you have it in you. You just need the quick rundown of how to get the client work.

This self-paced DIY course is the quick start so you don't waste time and money doing it on your own. 

In two hours you can start your freelance business with the upmost confidence because you can tap into my 12 years of experience.

I'll answer your burning questions as a new freelancer:

- How do I start?

- Where do I find clients? 

- Do I need a contract? Where do I find one?

- How do I ace a discovery call?

- How do I stand out in an oversaturated market when I'm the new kid on the block?

-What pricing model do I start with?


Ready to link arms with me as your mentor and quickly get your side hustle going? 

âś“ You already have marketable digital marketing or admin skills that clients need and want to transition those skills into a freelance business outside of your 9-5.

âś“ You've already decided to be a virtual assistant or service provider and struggle to get your first paying clients.  

âś“ You're serious and motivated to make extra income while working from home in the online business world.

âś“ You need that extra confidence boost to make the leap as a service provider and charge what you're worth for your services.


Portfolios Portfolios


Discovery Calls


Proposals Proposals


Contracts Contracts


Finding Clients


Portfolios - You won't get hired by higher- end clients without one in today's market.

Inside, I'll show you how to create and deliver a professional freelancer portfolio even if you've never had paid client work before.

Plus I'll share what vital information needs to be included to make yours stand out and more importantly what not to do to avoid getting passed over. (Hint - this is not your typical resume)

Discovery calls - This crucial second step will determine if you and the potential client are a good fit. 

You can have a winning portfolio but if you don't understand the fine points of sales conversations, you will be passed over or worse yet, taking on work that doesn't bring you joy or working with less than ideal clients.  

You'll learn exactly what a discovery call is and what it is not and how you should prepare to be successful. 

You'll gain the confidence to lead the conversation like a professional, determine exactly what the client needs, and quickly decide if this client work for you. 


Proposals -  This the roadmap that showcases how you will perform the tasks required, what is needed to complete the work, and how much you will charge for your services. 

A freelance proposal has special nuances that differentiate it from a job bid. I'll show you what to include so both parties know their roles and are on the same page from day one. 

Creating a detailed freelancer proposal is the best way to avoid frustration, confusion, and burnout ... and set up your contract.

Finding clients - This is what will determine your long term success. In this module you'll discover how to find those paying clients. 

This more than the simple "hang a shingle out and hope they find you" advice.

Inside you'll discover how to create the solid online foundation that builds trust and showcases your skills and talents in a non-salesy way to your ideal client. 

You'll understand how to use a basic webpage to list services and showcase recommendations and referrals that help build your network.

I'll also explain one action that will get you booked out faster than chasing down client leads. 

Business Fundamentals - This is the backside of running your legitimate business.  We'll go over business entities and the difference between independent contractors and employees.

You'll understand why you need contracts and how to create them. I also include my personal contract checklist so you won't miss any important points. Plus I'll give pointers on how to price your services when you're just starting out.

There's so much in this last module it be could a stand alone product on it's own.  

  • Portfolios
  • Discovery Calls
  • Proposals
  • Finding Clients
  • Business Fundamentals
  • BONUS: Client Contract from my lawyer.

Total Value = $1,000

Only $297

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To get your freelance business going on the up and up.

(A lawyer's fee from a contract alone will cost this much +) 


Make extra money online doing what you love?

Set yourself up to quit your 9-5 so you can make your own schedule and live a balanced work life?

Have more time and financial freedom so you can travel the world?

Feel good about what you do and be able to help others with your current admin or marketing skills?

Get back into working again on your own terms?


âś“ You don't have marketable digital marketing skills or online business admin skills. This course is not teaching you how to do the client work. 

âś“ You already have plenty of clients, you've been doing the work, and you have an online presence. This course is not teaching you how to raise your rates or niche your services.

âś“ You aren't really sure if you want to have a freelance business. This course is not going to convince you in the mindset department.

âś“ You are the kind of person who doesn't take action or won't follow through, starts and stops a lot of business ideas. To be a successful freelancer, it takes work. This course will help you get started, but will only get you so far. Clients won't fall into your lap without your effort and your reputation of doing exceptional work.



 This course IS for the go-getter who knows what they can offer and wants the fast track to transitioning into the online freelance space.

You bring your skills, and I'll provide the path to get started.

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Oh my goodness, this course is a game changer! A life changer! I have been dreaming of starting a home based business for quite a while. Dreaming of having the flexibility to manage my own schedule and be there for my family more.

After taking other courses, I found myself with some new skills but no better idea how to find clients and actually build a business... The one thing that really sets Emily's course apart is how very PRACTICAL it is. The information is useful and actionable.

My dream is coming true just six short weeks after getting started.

—Marilee Haynes

Your course walked me through the practical business set up steps. I love that you are a real person, living my same real life, doing the same real business. You're down to earth, real life, no fluff approach appeals to me. I love that you share it all...the good, the bad and the ugly. I also love that you live out exactly what you’ve been teaching us.

I was nervous about the investment for your course...it was my first one. BUT, I wasn’t disappointed in the value whatsoever!