Emily Reagan

Hey there, let's talk visibility 👀

Think of me as more than just a digital media implementor, really my business is an extension of your public relations team.

If you speak digital marketing, like me, visibility means: targeting strategic audiences, getting exposure in podcasts and FB live interviews, dialing your lead magnet to grow your list, and creating dynamic bio and speaker sheets that get you booked.

Here's how we can work together:

Kick back your feet while I do the edits on your bio, pitch template and find podcasts and media ops for you to target.

You'll walk away with podcast pitches, a one-sheet that will attract media ops, a customized system for podcast tracking, and a master plan to implement your visibility strategy.

If you’re interested in having me support your public relations efforts, I’d LOVE to chat with you. 

Please select a time to book your payment and call.

Emily Reagan