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Copy that Converts


Join Michelle Hunter in a 1-hour live copywriting clinic where you'll learn how to write concise, strategic copy that sounds natural and *most importantly* leads to conversions. 

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In This Copywriting Clinic




Master the Marketing Conversation

Every direct response email, sales letter, landing page, blog, and social post comes down to one thing: getting the reader to take action. When you learn how to walk a buyer through creating desire and needed your product, you will have more conversions.

Michelle will walk you through the must-know Marketing Conversation — the foundation of all copywriting. She'll give you step-by-step examples so that your brain artfully applies it to different client situations (and your own business, of course!).

Every time you sit down to write, you'll have an effective and reliable copywriting framework that converts with clicks and purchases.

Imagine what this kind of master copywriting talent will do for your digital service-based business: when you do more than just posting and formatting... and clients know and trust you get results. Will you charge more? Will you write faster? Will you take on higher-valued projects?

Whatever you choose, you'll conquer all marketing projects when you master the marketing conversation, because ultimately you'll...

Gain Copywriting Confidence 

No more spending hours looking at a blank screen and blinking, taunting cursor... second-guessing your words, and then when wondering if your copy is any good and if your client will like it.

Writing is subjective and therefore intimidating for a "non-copywriter". But after this live workshop with Michelle, you'll know that your writing process is backed by the tried-and-true Marketing Conversation. 

Michelle will teach you how to be confident and show no weakness in your copywriting. The goal is clear and concise, not wordy, confusing, or hesitant. After learning with Michelle, you'll be able to spot and eliminate the shaky copy and be masterful with your editing process. That's the confidence you need to be able to know if copy is good or bad. 

And when you're confident that your copy will convert – you can officially sell yourself as a copywriter.

(Hint: you need to apply this skill whether you're an OBM QCing a client's sales page, a Tech VA queuing up the weekly nurture emails, or the Social Media Manager planning launch captions for Instagram.)

Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace & Pick Your Clients

It's getting really saturated out there among all the VAs, tech specialists, OBMs, and social media managers. So how can you make yourself different? What can you add to your value stack that makes clients fight over you? A highly prized and rare unicorn?

Start with a highly valued skill that most of your competition doesn't offer: Copywriting.

You need to be able to do it anyway, let's own it. Copywriting is the new requirement for all marketing work whether you're repurposing content, editing AI copy, formating text or proofreading on behalf of your clients. But being able to write copy that converts from scratch is what others won't touch with a ten-foot pole. If you can knock out a converting email, social post or landing page, your value doubles.

You can charge more, and become a consultant who works strategically with a biz owner — NOT just the worker bee taking orders.

And when you have a skill everyone needs and values? You can pick and choose your clients. You'll be in the power position, baby.

Get Better at Selling Your Services 

Have you heard the saying, "The most successful businesses don't have the best products, they're just the best marketers."? It's not a dig at quality, just emphasizing the fact that businesses that don't know how to position and sell their services/products will NEVER be the top brand. Marketing & messaging always win out. That's because sales and marketing is simply the most important part of business. Everything depends on it.

You could be the best, most organized, and most efficient OBM in the whole wide world, but if you can't write and talk about your services in a way that converts, you will always struggle to get clients ...and the high-caliber, high-paying type of clients.

This marketing conversation will help you sell YOU. 

Once you apply it to all of your discovery calls and sales conversations, selling will be easier. You'll get buy-in on your thoughts, ideas and services ... and signing a contract with you. You won't have to rely on word-of-mouth referrals or taking whatever client comes your way.



"Michelle covers the psychology behind the buying process - The Marketing Conversation - in a way that leads to deep understanding and… infinitely more effective copy! 

Now I write for clients with confidence, knowing I have the skill to give them exactly what they need!" 

—Marilee Haynes, 5H Copywriting

Who is the right fit for Copy that Converts?


 This workshop is for you if you're:

  • building a copywriting business
  • wanting to increase your bill rate as a digital marketing assistant or VA
  • writing in your current job on behalf of your client and you need to communicate more clearly
  • the digital business owner who is writing for yourself


 This workshop is NOT for anyone who:

  • never plan on taking action or using this new skill




 *You will have 72 hours to watch the replay*

"I don't have an English degree OR marketing background. Michelle is incredible at breaking down steps and thought processes so they are easy to follow and understand."

—Natasha Stresemann, Systems Expert

A Note From The Instructor...

Meet Michelle Hunter, Copywriter & Content Marketing Strategist

For years I owned a successful six-figure creative agency with a virtual team where I helped clients refine their messaging, and write website and email copy. I billed at $300/hr bill rate, took on 10k copywriting projects, and worked with some pretty big names I'm not allowed to disclose. 

I've always had a huge passion for women in difficult circumstances and I see entrepreneurial success as a path to financial self-sufficiency for many women. 

The problem is most new business owners don't know how to present themselves with confidence or how to talk about themselves in a way that attracts clients to them.

That's what copywriting is all about, honestly. It's about helping entrepreneurs talk about themselves, their business, what's different about it, and the solutions that they deliver, in a way that draws people who have those problems to their business so they can solve them. It's not about blowing your own horn. It's about making your value clear and understood. 

So many women have great ideas — they just need guidance to help them bring those ideas to market in a way that provides for them economically. I love to give them the tools and support they need to thrive.  

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

Eleanore Roosevelt's quote is my favorite and reminds me to step out of those crippling moments of self-doubt. The generic advice out there is to fake confidence until you feel it. Fake it til you make it.

But it's such a wonderful place when a client says, "Can you improve on this email?"

And you know, you can.

So you say, "YES!'.

Because you know what makes a good email, you're able to improve on someone else's writing. Not because you're the best copywriter in the world, but because you know how to do it. Instead, you come from a place of self-assuredness and believe in your own ability to solve new problems.

What's interesting is most people have the skill, but lack the ability to confidently market themselves. This Copy that Converts Clinic will help close that confidence gap and inside my VIrtual Writer program (starts April 3) we'll get to practice and exercise that muscle.

See you on March 30,

- Michelle


Live 1-hour workshop

Copy that Converts

Copywriting Clinic with Michelle Hunter

Learn the Marketing Conversation and how to write copy that converts

Space is limited to 100 seats

*Due to the digital nature of this content, there are no refunds

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