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Ready to turn your Digital Marketing Skills into a successful online business with freedom, flexibility and financial stability?


"Megan filled in the skills to advance and got the confidence to say yes to higher level work"

"Jumping on to say thank you, Emily, for creating this amazing course! I have been doing social media management, email marketing, and a couple other contract jobs since leaving full time employment to stay home with my kids in 2017. The clients and the work were ok the past few years, but I always knew I wanted/needed to level up somehow and this course did it for me!

I hadn't even finished the course or launched my biz before I had my first paying client at $25/hr just by telling a friend the skills I have honed in this class. I can't wait to see what 2022 brings as I fully launch my business.

Thank you for sharing your incredible skills and experience - you are changing lives by giving moms like me confidence, new direction, the ability to earn income while living the flexable life I've always dreamed of.  

—Megan Casper

Social Media Manager & Digital Marketing Unicorn

Learn highly bankable and must-know tactics and strategies to work online as a digital marketing assistant

in less time than it takes to binge watch the first season of Grey's Anatomy

without the overwhelm of where to begin or guesswork of what is necessary and

without doubting your qualifications and skillset 

This tactical training is perfect for: 

And anyone who wants to transition to an online, freedom-based career:

Learn the highly-valuable and must-know tactics strategies to work online as a digital marketing assistant

in less time than it takes to binge watch the first season of Grey's Anatomy

without the overwhelm of where to begin or guesswork of what is necessary

without doubting your qualifications and skillset 

This tactical training is perfect for already working or aspiring: 

And anyone who wants to transition to an online, freedom-based career


  • Working for someone else on their terms and schedule and running out of vacay days?

  • Working in an admin position where you can't reach your full potential—being underutilized and unappreciated

  • Working while missing out on quality family time?

  • Not finding quality remote jobs that use your brain and pay more than minimum wage?

  • No one hiring you because of that resumé gap?


The fastest path to learning profitable digital marketing mechanical & tech skills to build a lucrative online business as a digital marketing specialist. 


With these hard skills, you can quickly book out in client work as a highly-sought-after unicorn teammate that every online business owner wants to hire first on their team.

YES! I already know I want in!

Stephanie is making an extra 2k a month while homeschooling

"My initial goal was to make $1,000 a month. With the course, I reached my goal within 3 months and have been consistently hitting $2k months for over a year. As a homeschooling mom, balancing work and family life is top priority and Emily's program has helped me make it happen."


—Stephanie Cutter

homeschooling stay-at-home mom + digital marketing assistant

Claudia doubled her pay, works half the time, and gained the flexibility her family needs

"When I started Emily’s course, I was an underemployed and underpaid property manager making $14/hr in Miami.

My original goal was to replace at least half of that income. What I achieved was more than I had ever expected. Now, I charge $30-35/hr, work half of the time I did in my 9-5, have a schedule that moves around my family’s needs, and get to pick who I want to work with.

My only regret is not having started sooner.

—Claudia Bretz

 former property manager, milspouse and now digital marketing assistant

You had the right knowledge and online skills to: 

  • Create More Job Opportunities

    Online business owners are looking for help from someone who can do it all: a little bit of tech, a little bit of writing, a little bit of social media, all the while keeping their client's long-term strategy in mind. If you can offer more services, then your talent and experience will be highly sought after.


  • Bring in Ideal Clients

    With a greater digital marketing skillset you can be selective with the quality and quantity of your clients. You can decide who you want to work with and what industries light your heart.


  • Charge Higher Rates

    Even if you're happy with your hourly rate, having a greater online business knowledge thus knowing what your clients need to be doing, will give you greater authority and perception, allowing you to charge more than just an average VA.


  • Create a Dream Business

    Having a greater awareness and broader skillset, gives you the freedom to control what kinds of tasks you choose to spend your time on.


  • Generate Consistent Income

    With current, highly-coveted digital marketing skills, you'll position yourself as an invaluable team member for a client ensuring your workload will be steady with consistent paychecks.


YES! Show me how!

Skip being an admin assistant so you can command higher rates right out of the gate


I've been working as a digital marketing specialist behind the scenes for clients helping them grow their online businesses with a variety of backstage tasks that require both strategy and implementation.

I know what clients need and want, and I am super sad when I have to turn some away. So if I can give you a push in the right direction... AND you run with it... you could pick up these clients and help them grow their online businesses.

It's not hard, you just need to be ready to up your skills and go after your dream. 

As a mentor, I offer my insider digital marketing tech knowledge and give you the skills that will help you stand above the crowd. 

I share everything I've learned from 12+ years of freelancing as a digital marketing consultant and implementation specialist, working for more than 80+ clients helping them grow their business online. I've worked on teams for Jennifer Allwood, Wendy Batten, Tracey Bellion, Sage Polaris, Rachel Mazza, Megan Yelaney, Natasha Pherson, etc.

I've been booked out because I developed a skillset that was in-demand and hard to find in one teammate.

I started teaching my friends how to do this work so they could help clients too. And eventually I started passing on the job leads to my students. 

I know exactly who business owners want to hire for online help and what they need to accomplish in their business.

Every online business owner who comes my way is searching for the dream teammate who can wear as many hats as possible.⁠

These job leads are:

  • course creators
  • membership site owners
  • business coaches
  • influencers
  • bloggers
  • service providers

These solopreneurs need a jill-of-all-trades for that first hire when they’re moving their services and digital products online. They need help building funnels, marketing, and growing their audience.

They just need it taken care of… off their plate and finished.⁠

They need a mix of help executing their online marketing strategies.

They need an implementer.⁠

A hybrid.

Not just a VA.

A unicorn.

This is the course I wish I had 12 years ago.

If I had known how to put these services together linearly, what to charge for them, and how to build a business I would have had so much more money in the bank.

This course is made of in-the-trenches experience so you can take the shortcut to booking out, niching down, and charging more.

This course is brought to you by someone who does the work herself.

Not someone who just started. Not someone who doesn't do the work anymore.

XOXO Emily Reagan


"Emily was shares secrets that would take years to learn in the field."

"The course is very informative and thorough. Emily takes the time to include PDFs that got me going fast!

Not only that, she was born to tackle the techie world."

—Morgan Clapper

digital marketing assistant

✓ You're a go-getter and love spending time online.

✓ You've seen your friends — without formal degrees — working online and you want in.

✓ You're the first one to say "I'll figure that out."

You want to quit your 9-5 job, work from home, and create your own work schedule doing work you love.

You've had a baby break, and you're ready to dust off you're skills and join the digital workforce. 

You are seeking a second career as a 'freedompreneur' where you set your own schedule and choose your clients.

 You love variety. You want the chance to use multiple talents at once so work is less routine.

✓ You know your skillset, degree, brain, work experience, and creativity could easily translate into SOMETHING specialized online and you need help figuring out what and how.

You're already working as an admin VA and want to up-level your marketable skills.


YES! This is ME and I want to START NOW

"I never would have had the courage to just flat out offer digital marketing services after being a stay-at-home mom for 9 years! 

I now have four clients and I have a volunteer spot with my local food pantry keeping their website updated.

The course was a confidence booster for sure and helped me realize how help out there is needed and how people are willing to pay for that help! This will be an exciting year!"

—Crystal Morisette

former industrial engineer, stay-at-home mom + digital marketing assistant

"I was able to quit teaching and replace my income a year sooner than I thought"

"I had a goal when I started Emily's Crash Course to transition from teaching into working for myself from home as a digital marketing VA.

My hope was to accomplish this by the end of the 20/21 school year. However, due to the utter fabulousness of all that I've learned and the job ops posted in this group, I am accomplishing that goal one year early! I will get to work from home (even after the current shelter in place) and have a flexible schedule which will allow me more time with my husband and three sweet kiddos.

I am thrilled beyond words - and as grateful as I can be!! We unicorns are pretty magical after all 🦄🥰 "

—Marilee Haynes

former teacher and now copywriter 5H Copywriting



The Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School is the ONLY program of its kind that ...


Gets you up to speed

on the most popular online business strategies and industry insight

Teaches you

the new-age digital marketing practices 

Enhances your skills

on must-know implementation skills + tech


Prepares you

for the important tasks clients need performed

Offers you

the shortest path possible to gaining all of the online KSAs

Gives you the edge

for growing into an Online Business Manager

Hands you clients

for getting your first or 50th client; we have the job leads


I've already shared 1011 exclusive jobs openings with our students

(included with the VIP version only)

"I just started the course and cannot believe all the jobs available!"

"I'm so excited!!!! I have a discovery call scheduled with a potential client on Wednesday. I am only in unit one of the course!"

—Sharon Blosser

former nonprofit executive directer and now digital marketing assistant


Angela used her digital marketing skills to start a business where she could travel more

"I was feeling stuck with the business I had created. The course helped me make the transition from the business I had to the business I wanted to grow. The individual trainings inside the course were awesome because they gave me confidence to jump into areas I wasn't familiar with yet. Since taking the course I've signed several clients and I love the variety and freedom, "


—Angela Kiszck

digital creator

10-year e-commerce site owner  

"I've gotten 90% of my clients from Emily!"

"And I could apply for new jobs DAILY. I currently have 4 proposals out to potential clients that I'm waiting to hear back from, I have 3 more discovery calls this week, all from her amazing job opps. And these are just what have come to me THIS MONTH!


—Tracey Anne

owner of The Digital Goddess, branding and marketing



These are the critical lessons and modules, you'll learn as a digital marketing assistant.

Online Business Strategies You Must Know to Get Hired

Learn exactly what business owners are trying to accomplish in the online space and where you can fit in as a digital marketing unicorn

Module Highlights:

  • Understand the big picture of online business
  • Recognize the tasks your clients need off their plate and how your role as an independent freelancer fits in
  • The key phrase that ensures your success

Email Marketing & List Building

Help your clients nurture and build their audience with email marketing

Module Highlights:

  • Build & update email sequences.
  • Understand list building, tagging, and segmenting and how you apply it to email marketing
  • Plan, create, and implement weekly email strategy 

Funnel Components and Tracking

Get familiar with marketing funnels and how they fit into online marketing.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn page designs and the different landing pages used in funnels
  • Tech walkthroughs on integrations with popular programs 
  • Understand tracking links and learn how to track and report funnel effectiveness


Learn how to help bloggers get found in the online world. 

Module Highlights:

  • Six things every blog needs
  • What is SEO, how it's used, and rules for optimization  
  • Organizing, setting up, and tracking blogs

Website Updates

Get familiar with the backend of WordPress and Kajabi so you can make website updates and assist in content marketing to help business owners accomplish their goals.

Module Highlights:

  • Website terms and components plus common pages to edit
  • Email and site integration
  • Tech walkthroughs on FB pixel, Divi, Eliminator, and sleuthing. 

Social Media Strategy for Online Business

Learn the ins and outs of how to utilize social media platforms: Facebook™ and Instagram™ for online business.

Module Highlights:

  • Steps taken from getting access to repurposing content
  • Ways to keep the algorithms satisfied 
  • Backend of analytics and how to create post schedules

Affiliate Marketing

Discover how to help influencers and bloggers earn passive income from their branding status via recommendations and referrals. And what you need to know helping coaches course creators and memebrship site owners manage their affiliate programs.

Module Highlights:

  • The quickest ways to get and organize affiliate links
  • The legal must-dos for affiliate marketing 
  • How to work the Amazon Affiliates options and other affiliate programs

Doing the Work

Learn how to put all the steps together to get the work done in a profitable and timely manner.

Module Highlights:

  • What to charge for tasks and how to estimate projects
  • Step-by-step plan to create your own smooth workflow
  • Create packages, proposals and onboard new clients based on your new digital marketing skillset

These trainings to build an online service provider business with sought-after digital marketing skills is valued at $4,997

The Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School includes all of the core marketing foundations listed in the modules above to help you learn must-know digital marketing strategies and tech skills.

Plus all these to help you be a true unicorn hire:

>>> 8 Core Modules - Learn the digital marketing strategies and profitable implementation skills that will be the core of your client packages and services. You'll be able to take the core digital marketing tasks and execute for clients in large weekly monthly retainer time blocks.

>>> Tech Walk-throughs - Even if you've never touched these platforms before, you'll have the know-how to perform weekly digital marketing tasks for your clients in Active Campaign, ConvertKit and Kajabi, and make basic WordPress website updates and post blogs. You'll also get step-by-step instructions for posting on social media, creating affiliate links and more. 

>>> Workflows & SOPs - Have the step-by-step method for performing weekly digital marketing tasks so you can walk into any client's business look at their unique tech stack and immediately implement and get to work.

>>> Tracking Sheets - Know exactly what data to track to be able to communicate your value and ROI as a digital marketing assistant and track the effective of your marketing efforts for clients. You'll wow your clients with these weekly and monthly metrics. PS - Use these metrics and results in your own self promotion and testimonials!

>>> Weekly Business-Building Homework - Lay the business foundational tracks in your business set up so you are ready to say yes to client work by the end of the course.

>>> Weekly Live Training Call - Each week we'll cover the main strategy lesson in a live teaching. The lesson will then be added to your resource library in Kajabi. (Live session is not included with self-study but will be uploaded into resource center; VIP Only)

>>>Facebook Community- Get the support and accountability you need to make progress in your learning and digital marketing business set up. This pop-up student-only Facebook Group is open March 9-June 2. (Not included with self-study; VIP Only)

>>> Live Q&A Calls - Submit your questions ahead of time or ask them in a live call (Live session is not included with self-study but will be uploaded into resource center; VIP Only)

>>> Job Leads - You'll get access to warm leads of online business owners: course creators, membership site owners, bloggers, business coaches, e-commerce site owners, influencers and subscription box owners who are looking to hire a digital marketing specialist in their business. (Not included with self-study; VIP Only)

>>> Lifetime Access - You'll get lifetime access to this version of the course. No time limits. No annual subscriptions. No additional training purchases. You can come back to the course as a resource at any time. 

🎉And that's not all ... I've got extra bonuses to make your Digital Marketing Assistant Journey a Total Success 🎉

Quickstart to Facebook™ Community Management Workshop - Everything you need to know to start working as a community manager and be 100% confident to go after those 6- or 7-figure team opportunities. This is a great entry job for anyone with unicorn digital marketing skills.  ($197 Value) 

Freelancer Biz Kickstarter  - This is my spotlight course to help you start your business and sign your first clients.  it includes all the need-to- knows to start your digital service business. We'll cover portfolios, proposals, discovery calls, finding clients, business legal set-up, and finances. This is the equivalent to what most VA courses offer: just the set up. ($297 Value)  

Graphic Design for Social Media with Aino Horsma - Perfect for anyone who hasn't done graphic design or needs a boost of confidence. Six-figure Designer Aino Horsma shows you how to create graphics for social media and supporting documents, PDF's, etc. ($397 Value)

Your Data Tracking Lifeline with Ange Quinn - Learn to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and articulate your work value using UTM links and Google Analytics. Taught by Director Of Operations and master Google Dashboard Builder Ange Quinn ($597 Value)

Calls that Convert with Tracie Patterson - Banish the icky salesy feelings and ace discoery calls after this live 2-hour call with sales strategist Tracie Patterson. You'll get to practice and perfect your sales conversation ..and book your next discovery call with confidence.  ($597 Value)

Freedom From Fear Workshop - Gain the neuroscience tactical tools for building unshakeable confidence in any circumstance during this live workshop session with High Performance Coach Jen Grosso. This will help you stop those "feeling-like-a-fraud" moments and negative self talk that can pop up when you've put yourself in new job situations.. like the one you're about to start! ($1,000 value)

Client Services Agreement/Contract - Save the lawyer fees! I have a 6-page contract written by my lawyer to protect your scope of work and services rendered, and have a plan when things go off the "Happy Path" with your clients. Use this template for hourly, retainer or project clients and customize for your needs. ($697 value)

Total Bonus Value: $3,085.00

All these extras will set you up for success and help you carve out your unique niche as a digital service provider.

Course Value: $4,997

Bonus Value: $3,085

Total Cost: $8,082

Two Course Treks to Choose From

VIP version includes:
  • All core lessons
  • Private student FB group
  • Weekly Live Teaching
  • Live Q&As
  • Guest speakers
  • Job leads while class is active
  • Bonus material inside the course
  • 12 month membership to the Digital Marketing Workgroup with advanced training, peer support, and continued job leads
  • Lifetime access to this current version
Join today as a VIP member for only $2497






This is an investment easily paid off with just a few clients and
could build wealth for you and your family forever.

Or Skip the Extras and Go the Self-Study Route 

DIY version includes:
  • All core lessons
  • Bonus material inside the course
  • Recorded expert training bonuses
  • Questions answered via email or inside your student portal. 
  • Lifetime access to this current version

DOES NOT include:

  • Private student FB group
  • Weekly Live teaching
  • LIve Q&As
  • Live participation with guest expert trainings
  • Job leads
DIY self-study member for only $1997







"I have hit my income goal in one week of work"

"Two years ago today, I was completely burnt out working 60+ hours in my corporate job.

In 2021 my monthly earnings have hit my goals, averaging $5k+. I just hit my first 5 figure month in September and surpassed my total annual profit from 2020 midway through Q3. I am well on my way to surpassing what I made even in my best paying corporate role."

—Heather Hanson

Heather Hanson Digital Marketing Solutions

"For me this is fun money and vacation money, but I am honestly making so much more than I ever dreamed that I am going to have to start setting up some college and wedding fund accounts!! 

The start up cost of launching a new business and also the commitment of investing in myself through Emily’s coursework was intimidating at first. I was determined to make it all work, but I also had those small doubts of potential failure. I started Emily’s course on April 1, 2020 and as I built up my client load, I repaid the course fee within two months.

I was able to completely repay the cost of a new laptop and other minor start up costs within 5 months of launching (September 2020)! Everything else was the cherry on top.

Even in the chaos of Covid and remote schooling…I’m projected to triple what I made last year…now that I have good, consistent clients with good, consistent work.


—Britteney Barber

military spouse, stay-at-home mom + digital marketing assistant


1. Know what business owners want and the secret to attracting them

2. Accelerate your marketability with my in-the-trenches experience you can't Google

3. Know the traps and mistakes to avoid as a new independent contractor

4. Get job leads handed to your and access to my private network (VIP purchase only)

5. Go from the outside looking in to holding the master key and being in control of your professional life



Online Business Owners are Clamoring to Hire Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistants 

The word is out, most small business owners want to hire someone who can help them with many tasks online.

Don't listen to what other coaches are saying about "specializing" first.

Taking the unicorn path is how you get started, book out quickly, and go on to upgrade your pricing. Later you can edit your business model and narrow your services.

Just look at what business owners are saying about their unicorn hire from my group: 

Even though Theresa took another VA program, she got her first paying client from my job posting

"Your course is very different than most I have seen or taken. What you teach shows us exactly what to do for clients and we can implement it right away.

Also, l LOVE that you are very "hands-on" with your students and offer so much encouragement and support.

My client was so impressed my by resume, cover letter and digital marketing knowledge!

—Teresa Blume,

virtual assistant at Virtually Blume


The Unicorn Digital Marketing

Assistant School

>>> 8 Modules to learn in-demand digital marketing skills and strategies ($4997 Value) 

       * Social Media Strategy, Blogging and SEO, Email Marketing, Funnel Building, Affiliate Marketing, Website Updates, and Unicorn Tech Training. 

>>> Tech Walk-throughs  

>>> Workflows & SOPs

>>> Tracking Sheets 

>>> Freelancer Biz Kickstarter ($297 Value)

>>> Convert Calls into Clients with Tracie Patterson ($597 Value)

>>> Quickstart to Facebook™ Community Management Workshop  ($197 Value)

>>> Graphic Design for Social Media with Aino Horsma ($397 Value)   

>>> Your Data Tracking Lifeline with Ange Quinn ($597 Value)

>>> Freedom From Fear with Jen Grosso ($1000 Value)

>>> Access to me and community inside our private Facebook™ group (VIP version only)

>>> Total student support with FB Lives, extra trainings, and group coaching calls (VIP version only)

>>> REAL JOB LEADS & OPPORTUNITIES (I can't put a value on this because you could make THOUSANDS off of these client work) (VIP version only)

Everything you need to be a successful digital marketing service provider and confidently take on paying client work in 8 weeks


Course Value: $4,997

Bonus Value: $3,085

Total Cost: $8,082

+ the power to make THOUSANDS with your new income earning potential

Join as a VIP today for only $2497






Do It Yourself - Self-Study for $1997






Invest in yourself now and create an income forever

Rachel is able to stay home with her baby and make extra cash

"I am so thankful for Emily’s course. I found her while pregnant and searching for a way to replace my flight attendant income so I could be a stay-at-home mom.

Two months after I finished the course, I had my baby. For now, I only work 12 hours a week, so I am excited that I made $1,500 last month!

I am halfway to replacing my flight attendant income! Thank you, Emily!"


—Rachel Frank

former flight attendant + digital marketing assistant

Have more questions or concerns? 

DM me @emilyreaganpr

Seriously, message me and let's chat.


It's time to change your entire future & join the digital workforce!


YES! I am ready to do this!

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