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Because of the nature of digital content, this course is non-transferable, non-shareable, non-refundable and copyrighted. You may not use this content as your own.

This course is a 2-hour workshop that does NOT include a private FB group. Job leads are only shared inside the Digital Media VA Crash Course student group. You are not guaranteed job openings, job placement or work.

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The Quickstart to Facebook Community Management

FB Groups are here to stay.

Learn the strategies, tactics and behind-the-scenes magic that online business owners want their community managers to know and implement on the daily.

You are one step closer to building a #laptoplifestyle with meaningful and challenging work from home, set to your schedule!

[ Because of the nature of digital content, this course is non-transferable, non-shareable, non-refundable, and copyrighted. Terms of sale are here. ]

What Students Are Saying:

Before starting Emily's course, I didn't know what a VA was. I wasn't very confident in my "techie" skills and thought I would get lost fast ... but I figured I ha to at least try if it meant that I could work from home and work for myself. The fluidity and knowledge in her tutorials have made this process so much easier than expected. I love that I can take this course at my own pace. As a busy mom, that's helpful!! I feel that during this process, Emily and her team have been my biggest cheerleaders~

Jennifer Bredeman-Meisenzahl

I am so grateful to this course and Emily! Signing a new client based off a referral is a great feeling!

Allison Riesgaard

Emily has plenty of experience and loves to share her wealth of knowledge of the VA world! I definitely recommend her course if you want to learn digital marketing behind the scenes!!

Carmen Wetzel

I recommend Emily's digital crash course to anyone who is motivated to learn a whole bunch in just a few weeks. Great info was provided and guidance into the virtual world of making money and having fun. There isn't a limit to the services you can provide remotely for future clients or for yourself.

Rosa Tims