Hire your first Virtual Assistant within 4 weeks

Learn what you need to do NOW and the exact steps to bring on a new teammate to support your business.

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You're doing it all. Too much.

And you already know that this will keep your business stuck and small. You've got to hire the right help to be able to fuel your business. The right people and workflows will pull you out of being a task rabbit hopping from one burning fire to the next. 

If you can move out, you'll be able to work on the needle-mover, money-making projects: product development, visibility, content creation and launches. 

But it's kind of a scary thought when you're supposed the be the "CEO" of your business but you're new at this. You're learning how to be a team leader and you've never hired before.

This guide will help you put the pieces together so you can ...

win back your time.


Look, I get it! Hiring your first teammate is a bit daunting and easy to feel in over your head. I've been on the end of the kick-off calls being the one to walk clients through the process as their first hire.

You see, I'm an O.G. Virtual Assistant who has worked with more than 101 clients since 2009. That's a lot of experience. A ton of time in different businesses from small to large teams to solopreneurs. 

I started teaching my under-employed, over-educated military spouse friends how to do the work I've done with my courses and memberships for VAs and in the process I have shared over 1,500 jobs with my community. I'm always trying to help my digital marketing assistants have the edge and be indispensable teammates.

I'm in a privileged place to get insight from both communities: biz owners and their teammates: va, marketing assistants, project managers, OBMs and other freelancers. So I have my pulse on what's really happening and where the breakdowns happen and want to help everyone get to kick-off their work relationships in the right fashion.

I get a ton of questions about hiring a virtual assistant so I wanted to put everything together for you in this guide.

"I hired my very first VA through Emily’s great pool of trained VAs. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Within weeks, that hire had proven to be exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. Several years and 2 multi-million dollar companies later, I have several of her Unicorns on my team streamlining everything from graphics,  content, socials, tech, community, and copy.  I don’t know how I would function without them."

Sarah Williams, Launch your Box

"Emily's Digital Unicorns are my only source of virtual assistants.  I've used three of her Unicorns for short-term projects and employ one of her Unicorns as my long-term assistant.  Every VA has been well trained, excellent at communicating and able to execute what I need as a business owner and podcast host. Thanks to their incredible support, I'm able to focus on the things that really matter to me - serving my clients and being with my family."

Lauren Chante, Health Coach




This 11-page guide will walk you through the process of:

  • deciding what to tasks to hand off & who to hire first 
  • how to get organized ahead of your new hire
  • how to write a job description (template included)
  • setting up your hiring process (so you're not slammed)
  • where to share you job opening
  • interview questions to ask during the discovery call

and as a bonus we'll talk about how to protect yourself with a contract and how to start off the relationship with a kick-off call


How to use it: '

This is a 4-week process to help you bring the right virtual assistant on your team helping with the right tasks.




Hire your first Virtual Assistant within 4 weeks

Enter your details below and I'll send my guide: How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant in 4 Weeks

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