In just 2 hours learn everything you need to know to work from home as a Facebook Group Manager!


Online business owners are seeking virtual assistants who can help them grow and manage their Facebook groups... and they want someone who already "gets it.”


My brand new Facebook Community Manager workshop is your opportunity to learn the must-know digital marketing skills that will get you hired virtually.

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Facebook Group Managers are in

hot demand 

You could be working remotely for biz owners helping them manage, engage and grow their free/ paid FB groups.

You'll need the above-and-beyond tactics and insider knowledge to help you stand out and help your client run a successful Facebook group. I'm teaching the same services I offer to my clients and those skills business owners come to me wishing their VAs knew how to do.


In the workshop course you will learn:

Lesson 1 - The Strategy

We cover everything you need to know from set-up to group settings and how to use it to your business owner's advantage. Plus there's essential VA tasks, member management, how to organize information, engagement tactics and above-and-beyond marketing strategies that will impress your business owners and will result in happy clients and referrals. (72 Minutes)

Lesson 2 - The How-to Tech

This is the tech walk-through. Some of us learn better by seeing it in practice. I'll show you how to manage Facebook groups from the back-end. If you've never managed a group this will give a look behind the curtains of Facebook groups so you have familiarity and will know how to help a client. If you already have experience, we'll dive into deeper settings that will help your client build a more engaged group of super fans. (30 Minutes)

Lesson 3 - Get Hired

This module is the fun part: how to get hired, what to charge and estimate, where to find jobs, and what you'll need to do to start working with clients right away. I'll also cover how to upsell your services to get more billable hours ... because this is a sure-fire way to get your foot in the door for more work. (40 Minutes)



You'll get my "Get the Job" cheatsheet for everything you need to do to prepare for your new client discovery calls. This includes the intake and interview questions to ask so you will come across brilliant, confident, competent and knowledgeable ... all so the client will want to hire you!

This is basically handing you an FB community manager job on a silver platter.


When you finish this course...

You will be:

⚡completely confident and clued up to outperform in this critical role

⚡easily able to sell your abilities in interviews & discovery calls

⚡ be 100% ready to join a 6- or 7- figure entrepreneur's team in this important online

     business role.

You'll be a biz owner's dream hire ... a real unicorn!

The Quickstart Guide to Facebook Community Management


One Payment

  • 140 Minutes of Facebook Group marketing knowledge, group settings, tech skills and strategies
  • Insider knowledge on where and how to get hired as a FB Community Manager
  • Lifetime Access, you will get all future updates to the workshop as FB Groups update

Discover the most-desired tasks and essential strategies biz owners expect their FB Community Manager to "already know".


I've worked behind-the-scenes with 50+ clients, including Jennifer Allwood, Tracey Bellion, Wendy Batten, etc. I have admin access to several types of Facebook groups from pop-ups to paid memberships. I've networked with hundreds of online biz owners and I know their pain points and goals. 

I've seen it happen time and time again, a Facebook Community Manager is one of the first positions that a solopreneur hires in their business. It is an extremely crucial and time-consuming role.

Biz owners want to hire a superstar FB group manager who already understands digital marketing, online business and Facebook groups ... and someone who gets their business/industry/niche. They absolutely do not want to train a brand new VA from scratch. 

They want a magical unicorn on their team.

In this workshop, I am combining my 15+ years of digital marketing, social media and sales funnel knowledge and my hands-on client experience to help you gain the skills and insider knowledge to get hired as Facebook Group Community Manager.

This course has all the things biz owners expect you to know. You won't get hired for the role without them. 

Community management is so much more than approving members and monitoring comments. This 2-hour workshop is going to be your gateway, giving you practical skills and knowledge to get hired online. 

The doors will open!


Emily Reagan
Digital Media Consultant
Founder of the Digital Media VA Crash Course

Facebook community manager opportunity


The Quickstart Guide to Facebook Community Management


One Payment

  • 140 Minutes of Facebook Group marketing knowledge, group settings, tech skills and strategies
  • Insider knowledge on where and how to get hired as a FB Community Manager
  • Lifetime Access, you will get all future updates to the workshop as FB Groups update

This Facebook Community Manager Role is right for you if:

⇢ You want to work from home

You don't want to take a $$ college course to learn a new skill

You love challenges & problem solving

You're organized & detail-oriented

You want flexible work

You're ready to work online ASAP

⇢ You like using Facebook

If you've answered yes then this workshop will help you get the virtual job!

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The job opportunities are out there!

Facebook community manager opportunity

Biz owners are looking for help

Facebook community manager opportunity

You could be a qualified candidate

You could make your investment back with 10 hours of work ... in just one week!

See what our students had to say:

Deanna gains confidence to go for new clients with Facebook marketing knowledge.

"This is amazing! So helpful and inspiring, I am actually working on a friend to start up his own business, hoping to land him for my first client. I would not of been able to do this without your Facebook Community Manager workshop and VA Crash Course. I have learned so much! Thank you, Bless you, Emily!"

Deanna Derheim, Honolulu, Hawaii


Karen learns new Facebook group tactics she didn't already know.

"I loved this training! A ton of great information, tips and tech stuff that I would not have known. I actually have a FB group that I have managed for years and didn't know some of this! Thank you, Emily, for this opportunity to learn."

Karen Waldron, Franklin Park, Pennsylvania


Monica gains insight to top-of-funnel FB group tactics.

"I just finished the Facebook Community Manager course. I am so stoked to get out there and begin helping people grow their email lists and sales funnels using FB groups! Great content, great presentation! Very inspiring and motivating!

PS-I love data entry and data analytics so that is not a "drawback" for me!"

Monica Richardson, Reno, Nevada


Marilee had known less than 20% of the content before taking the workshop.

"Oh my goodness! Emily's training was incredibly thorough. I didn't even realize what all I didn't know until she taught it to me. Emily's approach is a combination of no nonsense "this is what you need to know," encouraging "you can do this," and empowering, "yes, there is tech to understand and nuances to learn, but you've got this."

When I completed the training, I felt prepared to take on a Community Manager Role for a client, knowing that she had given me the knowledge and the confidence to get the job done."

Marliee Haynes, Huntersville, North Carolina


One day spent learning, next day get earning. It's really that simple. 


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Are you already using Facebook groups for yourself or volunteer organizations ?

You could be getting paid! This is a legit work-from-home position online biz owners are filling. 


Are you already managing groups for paying clients?

You're a smart one! Let's up your game with your Facebook group marketing knowledge, strategies and tech skills. You'll be able to help your biz owner grow more engaged Facebook groups as part of their sales funnel. After this training, you'll bring tons of ideas to the table and make yourself invaluable. 


Do you want to start working online but those 1k VA courses are too intimidating?

Get a quick win, a total confidence boost and the path to getting your foot in the virtual door without a huge investment of time or money and with all the necessary insider knowledge. You'll learn the EXACT skills biz owners expect you to know with no time wasted, no fluff, no unnecessary modules or admin. This is the quick start. 


Are you a biz owner who wishes your VA already knew everything about Facebook Group Marketing?

Don't waste your time training him/her. Send your go-getter VA through the workshop! They'll learn how to make your Facebook group a top-of-funnel engagement machine.


In just 2 hours...

You could transform yourself into an online biz owner's dream hire:
a Facebook Community Manager ready to help them manage and engage their group
and grow their email list... a real unicorn!


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Britteney's adding community manager to her services.

"This training was amazing! I am definitely keeping my eye out for a position as a FB Community Manager. I think this would be a great place for someone who is on the fence about taking the entire crash course." 

Britteney Barber, Harvest, Alabama

Rachel immediately implements FB Group learnings

"I have watched two out of the three videos and so far it is great!! lol I keep stopping the videos to go do what she says on my Facebook groups!" 

Rachel Frank, Buffalo, Montana

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