3 live workshops to choose from!

For aspiring and established freelancers:

How to Make a Living on Your Terms Workshop

 How to take your skillset into the online space, create profitable packages, and position yourself to book out solid.

(Whether that's part-time, full-time, or somewhere in-between)

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What attendees are saying:

"I didn't even realize I could get paid for that"

"And I'm somewhat of Facebook for business expert! I need to monetize these skills!


"This training is a great pathway to what I want in my career" 

"This is the missing layer to what I already bring to the table."


"I am blown away by the possibilities"

"I could not love [Emily's] teaching style more. Calmly, clearly [she} shares her knowledge in a way that makes it incredibly easy to digest."


In This Free Training



Discover how to price-position yourself in the crowded online space so you get noticed and get clients

The online space is booming and every business owner out there is getting help because they cannot physically do all of the tasks it takes to run an online business. You've got your pick of the litter right now.

But your unclear pricing —and lack of confidence—is turning off potential dream clients. I'll set the record straight as to what you should be commanding and where to go from there.

This will make you marketable.


Uncover which of your unique skill sets you should monetize so you can immediately increase your monthly income

There are a ton of options, but we will hone down on exactly which traits and skillsets are your personal zone of genius vs what's in demand.

Whatever you're already doing in person can totally translate to the digital world. We just need to figure out where your passion lies and then get you up to speed!

Match what you love doing with your skillset 
with the perfect pricing structure.


Gain confidence so you can go into your next (or first!) discovery call and nail it

It's getting competitive out there, so it's crucial that you have your services and packages ironed out before you jump on a discovery call or outreach to clients. 

Clients need to trust that you can do the work. If you don't have confidence behind your fee structures, they won't either. 

This will help you get started.


Craft an irresistible package your ideal client can't say no to

You gotta meet the market where there's demand. Otherwise, you're floating on an island by yourself with no client work. I want you to have the billable work that pays for the vacation to the tropical island. 🏝

With the right package suite and pricing tactics, you can steer your prospects to your most lucrative services. That means no more tiny retainers or hourly rates that aren't worth missing out on baking cookies with the kids.

It means a full client deck of the work you want to do. 


Stand out above the competition without years of experience

More and more people are becoming aware of the online virtual assistant opportunities. It's getting ultra competitive. I'll share what you need to know to stand out from the competition and get the job even if you haven't worked with your first client yet.

I can help you accelerate your marketability.


You'll leave this workshop with the ability to set an end goal for your digital services business because I'll show you how to progress up the skillset ladder. You can decide which tasks, courses, and trainings to focus on now to fill educational gaps and inexperience.

Position yourself to take on paying clients 
with a profitable service niche. 

What do I charge? 

How do I set my prices? 

What's the going rate? 

What should I offer in my packages?


I bet you've been wondering those questions because you've seen the online opportunities ... and you want in! (That's my go-getter!)

It's scary at first.

You don't want to screw yourself over by getting underpaid at a ridiculously low, unsustainable hourly wage.

Or be priced too high that no one books your services and you can't pay the bills. 


You're here because: 

  • You're an 'accidental freelancer.' You fell into the work by God's good timing, and you're seeing a world of possibilities here. But you need a solid structure and plan to move forward as a legit business. 
  • You've been volunteering and doing some of the work as a "hobbyist," and now you want to monetize those skills going forward. 
  • You're in a professional job, and you're ready to move out into the freelancer world. But you need help with the realistic —and livable— pricing structures.
  • You've had a work break, and you're ready to jump back in — even in a part-time capacity — but you don't know where to start.


  • Maybe you're just curious about what online work is really like. You want to work from home and be your own boss but you don't even know how to start


You're in the right place to get started.

No matter where you're at it's hard to know what to focus on, what to offer, or even what to charge so clients can't resist hiring you. 

(You want it to be worth your time, right?)

I get it! 

The virtual assistant/ freelancer world is a vast and vague career field filled with many competitive and cheap dollar-hour VAs to out-of-this-world priced specialists.

So where do you fit in?

I want to help.

Join me in this free workshop to learn how to start with your pricing and packaging. I've been doing it for 12+ years and have a thing or two to teach you!


I'll give you a big hint right now:

You don't need a course to help you "set up your business."

You need to decide on your services and prices and JUMP in.

This free workshop will give you that platform to leap from.


"Most impactful was my confidence in pitching my skillset to business owners. Emily's training reminded me that I can do any of this stuff AND make money AND help others!"


—Crystal M, Engineer by trade, SAHM, Military Spouse

A Note From The Instructor...

Hey there, I'm Emily Reagan.

I've been working as a freelance unicorn digital marketing implementer and virtual assistant behind the scenes for 90+ clients over the last decade.

It's been the perfect job for me as a military spouse who's moved every 2 years and as a mom of four who has zero desire to get trapped in a cubicle.

I love digital marketing work because I get to use my brain, take on challenges, be creative, solve problems, and help others. I am fulfilled in ways stay-at-home-mom life never did. I have my own thing. (No remedial, brain-numbing work here).  

And I still have the flexibility to be there for my kids and set my own schedule.

With my freelance work, I've consistently brought in $10k months which makes a huge difference in my family's finances.

But it's not about money. It's about doing meaningful, brain-satisfying work that leaves me time to be a mom, friend, and wife ... and pursue my own passions!

I can teach you to do the same... and get you going in the right direction with this workshop.

What past attendees said: